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The Schulich Protege Program (SPP) is one of the most recognizable student-run clubs at the Schulich School of Business and is the largest student-run mentorship club at York University. We help build one-on-one mentorship relationships for students entering their first year of undergraduate studies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape students into the confident and caring leaders of tomorrow by providing opportunities to grow, discover themselves and, develop in the following three pillars of student life: 




Best Matches

Our program matches first-year undergraduate students with an upper-year mentor ranging from the second, third or fourth year. These mentors offer valuable insights, expertise, and advice to help put first years at ease as they make their transition from high school to post-secondary studies. We bring students from different backgrounds together to encourage positive and accelerated growth.



Find your SPPark

As a program, we bridge the knowledge gap, answering the common student concerns of: "I wish someone told me this before", or "I didn’t know whom to ask", all in an effort to help students reach their goals. This is because all of our mentors share the same vision – the SPP vision: Find Your SPPark

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